Wednesday, 8 February 2017

More of Mick's Home Improvements

There has still been a little bit of work required on Mick's shed.

Firstly, those water tanks, that were installed and quickly filled during the wet winter, hadn't actually had a pressure pump set up or taps connected.

Tick!  Now we can water our whole back yard from the tanks for free.  If we run out, it doesn't matter as there is still always the town water.  What a wonderful feeling.

The windmill blade is just another bit of rust we've had for many years.

There needed to be a tap from the tanks to water the gardens behind the shed.  Rather than just have a pipe stick up out of the ground, how about plumbing it throught the housing of an old windmill pump?  It was just a tad fiddly, but worth the effort.  Notice also a few more adornments in this garden - a scythe on the fence and more bits and bobs hanging off the vice post.  Also the colour of the stones have changed, as we topped them up with some left over from another project.  We both feel that this colour actually suits the area better.

While we're here, let's see how the little garden at the front of the trailer is progressing.  We have planted a blueberry, which is doing well so far, and the Happy Wanderer, which was initially looking rather sad, has taken off and now is higher than the fence.  We are very happy with how things are looking.

Inside the shed, a little bathroom is being built.  A start has been made.  Knowing Mick, it won't be long before it is finished.


loulee said...

Its all looking very good. Remember Mick, measure twice, cut once.

Jenny said...

What a clever husband you have!!!