Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016 in Review - Part 3

We continue with the review of the last twelve months.  I'm finding it rather interesting looking back.


It continued to rain and the Macquarie River reached minor flood levels, and covered the low level bridge.

In the middle of all the wet weather Bathurst held its Winter Festival over two weekends. Amazingly, the weather was fine for both evenings.

Mick continued with his shed, pouring a slab to park his trailer on.  It never made mu blog at the time, but we had a little garage sale......on what turned out to be one of the wettest, bleakest days we had.  We didn't do very well, but got rid of some things.

We escaped the cold weather briefly, attending the Macquarie Towns Classic Bike Rally at Windsor.  We took the scenic route home, via the Putty Road and Bylong Way.

I kept up to date with my sampler blocks, made some coasters and caught up with the ironing....quite a feat.  

And that is about it.  It must have been winter.


And even less was blogged about in August.

We didn't go anywhere!  It continued to be wet, with the bridge being flooded again.  Mick pulled the old box to bits and it is now hanging on the wall.  We had a stunning rainbow one morning and it was so joyous to have a blue day.  Having the daffodils come out is always a nice, bright sign of warmer weather ahead.  I threw out my old school books, after checking out my childhood writing. I made one block for the sampler and a secret block for Shez's birthday quilt.


Once the weather started to warm up we seemed to come out of hibernation.

I made some cheerful tea towels.
I still kept up to date with my sampler, Mick built the vege gardens, it flooded once again and we went for a drive to see all the wet landscape. ( I hadn't blogged about this at the time.)

I also hadn't blogged about our garden coming to life.  It was so colourful.

The Bathurst Blog Meet was a great weekend with the girls.

The highlight would have to have been our trip to Melbourne to pick up our caravan and our trip back home with it.  Despite the inclement weather we had a thoroughly enjoyable time and saw so much.

It was about now that life got a bit hectic in the background.  I didn't blog about it at the time, but Mum moved into a retirement village in August.  She is 87 and doing pretty well, but she could not keep up with the garden or the large house and is having a few health issues.  Nothing serious, just niggly things.

It was a hard decision and a hard job to downsize from a family home she has lived in for 38 years and the garden she loved to a one bedroom unit.  It has a nice sized living area, but still so much had to be let go of.   Things have been sold, donated, brought home by us and my brother and a lot tossed.  

She is settling in well and her house has just been sold.  It is going to be a family home again, with people she knows living in it. They have retained some furniture.  My bedroom will be a little girl's room, complete with my dressing table and wardrobe.  A happy outcome.

 All of this has been a focus of the latter part of the year for us. 

There is just one more part to this review, before I look towards the year ahead.

More soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow Janice so much happened,thankyou for sharing your story,it's very interesting and great pics ,also thankyou for making my lovely block,the quilt looks fantastic xx

Maria said...

Great posts Janice... I've enjoyed looking at your reviews...