Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 in Review - Part 2

I'll continue with my review of the last twelve months.  I must say I was amazed at what we had done in the first three months. If you had asked me I would have said "Go to Tassie and get ready to move".  So much I had forgotten....that is why I blog....apart from meeting some great people along the way.

So, without further ado, onto the next three months.

A lot of these things weren't blogged about at the time, but in later catch up posts.  I wonder why I didn't seem to find the time or inclination?  Maybe I was just plum tuckered out?


Considering we had only just moved house we were out and about quite a lot.  Mind you, it is the busiest time of the year for happenings in our area.  Firstly, we assisted with marshalling for the National Ariel Motorcycle rally.  Then we had a day out to visit the Springwood Quilt Show. We headed down to Sydney again, this time to kick tyres at the Caravan and Camping Show......only to buy a caravan...not what was on the agenda at that stage.  The Motorhome Club had their National Rally at Mount Panorama, so we went up and had a bit of a sticky.  Anzac Day rolled around once again, so we attended the dawn service and took Mum out to the afternoon service.  Finally, it was Bathurst Show time, with all its colour.  We discovered that our front verandah gives you a grand stand seat to the fire works.  Bonus.  It makes me tired just thinking about it all.  We were hardly ever home.

At home, things were happening too.  We watched our street tree in the dawn sky, the fog and on a glorious blue day, before it lost its leaves.  Our vintage mirrors found a home at the end of our hall and Mick trashed the back yard, making a start on his shed.  I haven't shared this picture of my sewing room before.  Bad isn't it.  Much is unpacked, but much isn't.


Wow!  I did some stitching.  Nature's Journey was completed, which I am so pleased about and it took a few minutes only to sew together my scarf, which saw quite a bit of use during the winter.

We ventured to Rylstone to have a stall at their Swap Meet.  We were delighted when a rally of Model T Fords turned up.  Lifeline held an Air, Bike, Car and Vintage Show at the Airport, which was a real treat for the city. Finally, it was car rally time for the Historic Car Club.  Never a dull moment around here.

At home, Mick was busy coordinating shed building.  It was finished at the end of the month, just as it started to rain....for our wettest winter on record.


Things were a little calmer in June, but it is winter and we start to hibernate........and it was wet and dreary weather.

After having only completed the first three blocks of the HST Sampler, I got stuck in and caught up with the schedule.  Starting to look good.  I also made place mats, coasters and a coaster tray for our new outdoor table.

Mick had the driveway installed for the shed and put the tanks in place down the side of the shed, after a bit of maneuvering.

The highlight was snow in the area.  We had to drive to Sydney on the following morning.  The highway was closed, but one of the back roads was nice and clear and oh, so scenic.  It was a lovely drive.

And that's a wrap for the three months.  Things starting to settle down a bit as the days shorten, but still fairly busy.

More soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Janice so much has happened in that short time,yes I am tired just reading what you and Mick got up to.xx