Wednesday, 9 November 2016

In Our Own Backyard Part 3

Continuing on with our backyard upgrade.  You can find the first installments here and here.

Eventually, towards the end of May a big truck arrived and delivered the shed kit.

A crew of three blokes turned up to erect the shed.  After the first day our back yard looked like this.  We couldn't believe how organised they were, with everything laid out in order. Yes, as you can see, there is still some grass.....and a light frost and fog on that day.

After having built our previous shed from a kit, many years ago, and then seeing a mate have a similar shed built by a shed company, it was quickly determined that the money is well spent to have the shed people build your shed, as well as provide the kit.  Mick has turned down many requests to build sheds over the years.  A mate had this particular company build his shed a few years ago, so we gave them a go.  They were great.  As we have always said, money well spent.

After the second day the frame was up.  I received a photo from Mick while I was at work with the caption "It is BIG"!  Yep, sure is!  We were hoping that the neighbours wouldn't complain.

As they worked away they were watching the weather.  Rain was forecast.  By now it was the end of May.  Mick gave them a hand to get the roof on and do the gutters and down pipes.

Oh, my goodness, it is BIG!

The last day was finishing off inside.  It started to rain on that day.  The start of one of our wettest winters ever.  It took a week to erect the shed from start to finish.  Not bad going.  

We were so blessed to have finished the shed when we did.  The neighbours started to build an outdoor entertainment area that week.  They weren't able to do anything all winter.

Fortunately, it doesn't look too overpowering from the street.  It matches next door's shed, which is a bonus, and the roof line is no higher than the house.  Being set back helps as well.

Now for the big test........Yes, the ute and trailer fit easily.

We had planned to have a breezeway where the ute parks, with no door to the front or rear.  However, that has proved to be a mistake, as being so high, too much weather blows in.  Doors are now a project that is on "The List".

This is the area in which our caravan is to fit.........hopefully.

Then the fun started.....moving all Mick's stuff in and trying to get sorted.  A little bathroom and the power had to be completed at this stage.

A family member came and connected the power.  Once again, a really professional tradesman, doing a great, neat job.

The bathroom still consists of a capped pipe out of the floor and a loo sitting in the corner (not connected). There are no walls or anything as yet.  That is another project that  remains on "The List".

You would think that having the shed finished is the end of the project.  Wrong!!!  How very wrong!!

More soon

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Rachaeldaisy said...

LOL, I love that this is a series with each post ending on a cliff hanger. The shed looks great. I think the cream colour helps the look of it as well.