Sunday, 6 November 2016

Bathurst Open Gardens

Last weekend Bathurst Garden Club hosted its annual "Spring Spectacular".

As we have done for about the last 20 years, my friend Lisa and I had our annual day out together.  Oh, and Mick came along as chauffeur.

The gardens had really benefited from the mild, wet winter we have had.

This little bed gave Mick and I an idea.

I always like to check out the vege gardens.

The gardens were all in town or just on the outskirts this year, which saved a lot of time, with less driving.

We liked the grey plant on the right.  It had a rather neat growth habit......

The leaves are really pretty as they unfurl.  We learnt it is a "Ballota".

There were quite a few interesting succulents in some gardens.

Crab apples were also in bloom. Beautiful double blossoms.  Much later flowering than ours.

I thought this was a rather good use of an old bike.  The planters front and back were some of the best ideas I have seen on an old bike.

There is one garden where the owner is somewhat talented at creating metal objects for his garden.  Lisa and I have visited a couple of times previously, but this was Mick's first visit.  He was impressed.

Four of the gardens have't been opened before.  This lovely house was one of them.  Many years ago, Mick's dad used to do the gardening here.

The weather had been lovely, but the sky was now darkening and we hoped we could finish looking at the gardens before it rained.

The roses are just starting to bloom here, and there were some beauties.

This was one of the more unusual garden features we saw.  I think I would be a little too self conscious to make use of the bath in the garden.

There were some unusual garden features along the way......but they work.

The last garden we visited was only three years old.  Hard to believe.

This is just the footpath!!!

Rustic adornments are certainly on trend.

Now that is a cute garden shed.

And finally, as we wandered around every bug I saw sat still long enough to take a photo.  That would be a first.

Oh, and this was the weather as we headed home.  Black as, but the storms went around town, so we stayed dry.  So pleased about that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice ,wow the gardens are beautiful,love all the ideas,what a fun day,thankyou for sharing xx

Ali Honey said...

Wonderful. I could look at those all day long.

Chookyblue...... said...

more beautiful gardens.........sad i missed it this year.........

Rachaeldaisy said...

I've been saving your posts to have with a cup of tea. I knew I was in for a treat with all of these beautiful gardens. I do like a rustic feature or two in a garden.