Thursday, 25 June 2015

Gold Country Car Rally 2015

May is always the month that the Bathurst Historic Car Club hosts its “Gold Country Car Rally”.  We have been involved in this to varying degrees over the last 25 years.  Here are a couple 2014 and 2013.

This year was the first year that we were actually able to enter the rally, as it has always only been for cars.  Now motorcycles are able to enter, so we jumped at the chance, taking “Olga” the old girl for the run.

May 2015 Car Rally 038

The starting point is always at Mount Panorama.  We were delighted when the day dawned warm and blue.

May 2015 Car Rally 042

Mick is always involved in the marshalling of the cars.  This year some natty little signs were introduced, rather than the fellows just pointing.  Mick had to test it out.  I worry about that boy at times.

May 2015 Car Rally 039

We marshalled at the first corner so that we could then jump on the end of the line of cars and enjoy being a part of the rally. Of course we had quite  wait till the first cars came through, so I had a play with my camera.

Wild flowers

Finally they started to come past.  There certainly was a variety of vehicles – about 70 all tolled.

Rally Cars 1 Rally Cars 2

Rally Cars 3

Rally Cars 4

After we had done our duty we tagged onto the end of the rally.  There was still lots of autumn colour in the trees.

May 2015 Car Rally 131

It was nice just plodding along.

May 2015 Car Rally 136

The marshalls did a sterling job keeping everyone on the straight windy and narrow.  Some of them really did it tough, sitting back in the sunshine.

Marshalls 1

Mind you, I  think a couple of them may have been taking the micky out of us.

Marshalls 2

The route we took this year was one that was new to the rally.  Our mid morning regroup was at Lake Canobolas, which was looking a treat.

May 2015 Car Rally 162

May 2015 Car Rally 165

It was rather glorious travelling among the orchards and vineyards.

May 2015 Car Rally 177

Our lunch stop was at the historic village of Millthorpe, with the cars parked in the school grounds

May 2015 Car Rally 263

The museum provided us with lunch.  If anyone went hungry it was their own fault.

May 2015 Car Rally 247 May 2015 Car Rally 251

May 2015 Car Rally 255 

May 2015 Car Rally 257

There is even a little craft shop in the museum grounds.

May 2015 Car Rally 258

And some rather clever sculpture as well.

May 2015 Car Rally 261

It was good to see our little band of bikes on display.

May 2015 Car Rally 237

Once again I had fun playing with my camera, taking photos of car grilles.  What a variety there are and how different the cars look from this angle.

Grilles 1

Grilles 2

Grilles 3

And you have to have a few badges thrown in for good measure.


I think this was one of the best rallies that we have had.  The committee is fairly new and came up with a terrific run and perfect weather.  It goes to show that new blood is often good, keeping things fresh.


Katie said...

What fun! We love to go and see classic cars. I even recognized a few of those! :-)

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's always great to see you two having fun with vehicles. I love the mix of cars from different eras. You had such beautiful weather, the arch of golden trees is glorious! Lots of other great photos too, like the ones of the cars from the front, and beautiful Milthorpe.