Monday, 4 May 2015

Ironfest – A Great Day Out

Lithgow has hosted Ironfest for about fifteen years now and we have only been once before, probably about ten years ago.  It started out being mainly blacksmiths, some war stuff and jousting.

Since then it has expanded and there has been an added dimension, in the way of steam punk.  All the other features are still there as well. So we have medieval, middle ages, Napoleonic wars, World War Two, blacksmithing, gypsies, steam punk, music, food, you name it.  The main thing is that is that so many people dress up and take a lot of trouble over their outfits.  Half the fun is the people watching.

Saturday is the main day, but we were at the Bathurst Show, so attended on the Sunday, which was still fantastic.  Enjoy the colour of the day.

Battle of LithgowThe Battle of Lithgow

Anvils Ironfest 2015  All styles of anvils

Blacksmiths Ironfest 2015 Blacksmiths hard at work.


What a mixture All sorts of characters.

Victorian Steam Punk Victorian Steam Punk

Vans and cars Ironfest 2015 What a way to travel.

TorchaHow do kids “torcha” a hardened medieval hangman?  “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  Works every time. 

Steam Punk The butterfly wings were handcrafted by the Victorian gentleman.  They even open and close using the butterfly shaped key. Check out the workmanship in the leather arm brace. Clever, clever, clever.

Robots Ironfest 2015

Even robots were featured.

Music Ironfest 2105 We had never heard a hurdy-gurdy played before and the lady playing it was so very informative about the instrument and the music they played.

Lets go shopping Let’s go shopping.

KnightsWatch out for those knights.  There was even a tower in the background.

Kids having fun Give a kid a sword and they will have great fun.

Keeping us entertained Wandering entertainers kept us all amused.

Getting Creative Medieval crafts were interesting.

Colourful characters More colourful characters.

April 2015 Ironfest 204 There were even autumn leaves to kick.

The weather had been delightful all day and we just arrived home in time to get the washing off the line before the rain started.

April 2015 Ironfest 211

If ever you get the chance to visit Ironfest, do so.  There is just so much to see and who doesn’t love a fancy dress party.


Chookyblue...... said...

I see ads for this but looks like so much more there.........

Susan said...

Ironfest is a truly fantastic day out. We have been quite a few times but we're away this thanks for sharing your pics.

Rachaeldaisy said...

You took so many brilliant photos!! i remember a few characters from our visit last year. Does it make you wonder if you had to pick an era or style to dress up in what would it be?