Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bathurst’s Bicentennial – Peoplescape

Bathurst is celebrating it’s birthday today.  She is 200 years old.

May 2015 063

The opening ceremony for the party was last Sunday which incorporated the launch of Peoplescape.  It was the perfect day, with the temperature into the 20s – very unusual for this time of year.

May 2015 151

We were entertained by the local conservatorium of music.

May 2015 062

Let’s go for a walk.

May 2015 024

Locals nominated people they recognise as being significant to the city over the last 200 years. 

May 2015 138

From there they decorated a silhouette for their nominee.  Some were simple, others very artistic and some were just plain fun.  Schools and community groups were involved in some “people”, while others were by individuals.

May 2015 145

They range from historical figures to current members of the community, those who are prominent, to those just working away quietly in the background.  It was fascinating to learn more of those who have helped shape our home town.

Let’s go for a walk.

May 2015 129

Lachlan Macquarie declare this a delightful place on 7 May 1815.

May 2015 149

Prime Minister Ben Chifley is probably Bathurst’s most famous son, with a market gardener from the late 1800s and an Aboriginal elder in the background.

Picturescape 1

Footballer George Rose, artist Brett Whitely and poet AD Hope were all educated here.

There are  those that have had a direct influence on me.


Anne Ashwood, who was one of my English teachers in high school went on to be Mayor and have a sporting field named after her.

Hans Stroeve was my maths teacher (he made maths great fun, bringing in a poker machine to teach about ratios and playing Monty Python tapes while we worked). He still continues teaching at the school now and I presume is still making maths fun for the current generation of students.

Toni Daymond, who worked at the library from when I was quite small, introducing me to a love of books.  She has done so much for so many community groups over the years.  I can even remember making one of those puppets at the library in primary school.

There are too many others to show here.

The display is on for another week or so, so if you are in the Bathurst area, make the time to go and have a look at a terrific display which is both interesting as well as artistic.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Peoplescape looks amazing!! I wish it was on for longer, I would love to have seen it in person. Your photos are the next best thing so thank you for sharing them.

Jewells said...

What a GREAT idea... would have been very interesting to walk around and read what each person did!