Friday, 6 March 2015

New Zealand – Queenstown to Haast

Much of the rest  our trip after Queenstown was just winging it.  Mind you, there had been a fair bit of that all along the way, but now we didn’t have much of a travel guide to follow.

We had been told that we should visit Arrowtown, not far from Queenstown, which was an old goldmining town.

I found a patchwork shop, so of course I had to go in for a little look see.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 005

It was a lovely place and I brought home a bookmark kit and a few Kiwiana batik fat quarters.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 006

After wandering the main street we set out to the Chinese Settlement, which was really interesting.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 013

The building below was the local Chinese store.  It was more than just a store, it was where gold was sold, there was accommodation in the loft and it was a social meeting place.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 021

The houses were very humble.  Most of the Chinese were peasant farmers looking to make their fortune.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 041

Most returned to China, but a few stayed on in this community.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 042

As in most western societies, they weren’t really accepted and New Zealand has since made an official apology for the way they were treated.

The small huts on the cliff were for storage.  There were extensive market gardens in this area, which were their source of income after the gold rush.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 056

I loved this door handle.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 058

The general streetscape of Arrowtown was rather cute and with large, shady plane trees overhead.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 085

Time to keep moving.  Along the way, you glean little snippets of advice of where to travel and what is the scenic route.  One that was mentioned to us was to go over the “Crown Ridge Road” from Arrowtown to Wanaka.  We are glad we did.  It was a rather steep and windy climb.  Yes, that is the road we came up.  It was plenty wide enough and had a good surface.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 098

It was no trouble as long as you took it steady and followed the speed indicators.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 093

Of course, there was a lookout at the top and what a view.  Everyone taking turns taking photos of each other.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 102

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 113

Wanaka is, funnily enough, located on a lake, Lake Wanaka.  We had a very pleasant time sitting here eating our picnic lunch.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 132

By the way, don’t complain about the price of petrol in Australia.  The NZ dollar and the Aussie dollar are about the same at the moment.  We enquired as to the cheap deisel price.  They apparently have to pay a levy of $800 after they travel 10,000kms, so it doesn’t work out that cheap after all. It sounds rather cumbersome to us, easier to build it into the price at the bowser.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 136

A Kiwi trademark seems to be these plastic letterboxes.  We first saw them on rural properties, but, as you can see they are used in suburbia as well.  They come in all sorts of colours, but blue and yellow or black and red are rather popular, to show your allegiance to your favourite rugby union team.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 140

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 148

After Wanaka we soon came across Lake Hawea and travelled beside it for quite a while.  It runs parallel to Lake Wanaka and they are divided by a very narrow piece of land.

NZ MH 12-13 Feb 15 058

This is looking back up Lake Wanaka.NZ JH 13 Feb 15 177

After we left Lake Wanaka behind us it was just driving through forest following the Haast Pass, or so we thought, that is until we saw the sign to Fantail Falls.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 244

Once we left the car park and came out onto the river bank we were greeted with this spectacle.  The whole area was covered in flat rocks, which everyone was having fun making into little towers.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 237

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 221

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 215

Of course Mick had to join in, but be a little left or centre.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 218

He decided to prop up a stick and build his tower on that, as you do.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 219

Then he made a smiley face.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 235

Oh, yeah, there was even a water fall, although the stones were what were more interesting to the visitors.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 230

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 239

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 234

OK, best be on our way.  What we thought would be a relatively boring drive turned out to be anything but.  On our first night in NZ, the lady in the motel said that on the South Island you will have a change of scenery every half hour.  She wasn’t far wrong.  We ended up following the Haast River.  On the map there was a name “Gates of Haast” marked at one spot.  This is it.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 254

We were able to park and walk down under the bridge.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 256

The water fairly roars through here.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 257

Thunder Falls was the next thing to stop and had a look at.  It was a nice walk in.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 264

And worth the walk.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 276

A nice walk out too.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 278

Yes, more snow in the distance, just to remind us how high those mountains are.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 282

And finally we arrived at our destination, Haast, which is a very small community near the west coast and nice and peaceful after Queenstown.

We had dinner at the local pub, which is the local mecca of hunters, with lots of trophies on the walls, after all, it is called the Hard Antler.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 305

Even the beer taps were antlers.

0NZ JH 13 Feb 15 307

This one wasn’t a trophy, it was very much alive in the tree. It is a wood pigeon and they are the largest pigeon variety in the world.  We saw a few and I think they are a lovely bird.  You can’t see it well in this photo, as it was on dusk, but the dark patches are a rich iridescent green.

NZ JH 13 Feb 15 302

I thought some of this day would be a tad boring, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the South Island just can’t help being spectacular and the perfect weather for travelling only added to it.


Susan said...

Loving reliving our holiday through your photos. Haast was an unusual little place!

Susan said...

Loving reliving our holiday through your photos. Haast was an unusual little place!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Definitely not boring in any way!! I love the rock place, and Mick's stick sculpture and his smiley. The views of mountains and are so breathtaking. Even the letter boxes are fun, that's the sort of thing you don't see in a guide book. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great photos Janice.....a fabulous holiday! Those rocks are pretty cool!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great photos Janice.....a fabulous holiday! Those rocks are pretty cool!

Dawnie said...

Top pics, great places. Just love no. Glad u found a patchwork shop