Monday, 9 February 2015

New Zealand - Christchurch

We started our day in Christchurch by taking a guided tour on an open topped bus.  The weather was quite warm, so the perfect way to see the city.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 078

After that we just had a general wander around.

I think I am glad I didn’t see the city when it was in the initial stages after the earthquakes.  The first earthquake was in 2010 and the second on 22 February 2011.  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed.  The first stage of recovery was assessing the damage, then the demolition and finally the start of the rebuild.

The earthquake was the largest vertical earthquake ever recorded in the world.  It is also the earthquake with the biggest repair bill, being the biggest restoration happening in the world.

There are still lots of building to be demolished, or still being assessed to see if they can be saved.

This is the ruin of a historic picture theatre.  Nothing has been done since the earthquake, this is how it landed.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 022

Lots a facades are being held up by containers full of ballast.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 019

The power went out in the earthquake and the stairwell of the below building collapsed, so all the people had to be rescued by abseiling them down the building.  It is to be demolished.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 044

The police headquarters are currently being gutted before the building is to be demolished by explosives.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 017

The Anglican Cathedral is a bone of contention at the moment.  There are differing views as to whether the building can be saved.  The Anglican Church want to demolish it, and even started doing so until  an injunction was put in place.  It is a case of watch this space as to what ultimately happens.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 180

In the meantime, there is a Transitional Cathedral, more commonly known as the “Cardboard Cathedral”, as the roof structure is made up of cardboard tubes. The side walls are shipping containers and the roof is polycarbonate, which lets the light in.  The coloured windows are pictures of the rose window from the original cathedral.  It is quite stunning. 

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 141

The Catholic Cathedral was also badly damaged.  It had only been recently restored and they are still assessing if it can be saved or not.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 058

There is a rather moving temporary memorial called the 185 Chairs to remember the 185 who lost their lives.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 122

But, now to the future….

It will take many, many years to recover from the destruction, so initially the city will be rebuilt on a smaller footprint.  Some vacant land has been sown to grass to create a green perimeter.  More residential areas are being created within the inner areas, to create a vibrant city.

To brighten the vacant areas there are many art installations, called Gap Fillers.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 001

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 049

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 072

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 107

There is so much construction taking place.  Every second vehicle seems to belong to a tradesman.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 034

Christchurch was built on a swamp, which is not ideal for an earthquake prone city.  Some buildings are having pylons dug 30 metres into the ground.  No new building is to exceed 7 stories.

A wonderful place to visit is the Restart Mall.  This is a shopping precinct housed in shipping containers.  Very innovative and a great place to wander around and grab some lunch.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 093

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 103

One of the first areas restored was New Regent Street, which is a lovely old shopping precinct.  It has come up a treat and it is great to see some old buildings retained.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 162

And the iconic trams are back on the rails, be it on a shortened route.

NZ JH 4 Feb 15 077

There is still so very much to do, and I guess as a tourist we are given the positive spin on things, but it worked, as we came away with a positive outlook for this wonderful city.  We would love to visit again in about three to five years time to see what has been achieved in that time.


Susan said...

Thanks for the tour Janice. We didn't see a lot of Christchurch, but it's great to see how they are managing the restoration and keeping the city alive.

Rachaeldaisy said...

This is such an interesting post. I've really enjoyed seeing Christchurch through your eyes. The chair exhibit is so moving. It's great to see the city rebuilding.

Chookyblue...... said...

so looking forward to my NZ holiday with you.........