Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ulysses Rally – Chilling at Childers

Mick and I decided to just head off for a ride one day during the rally and ended up in the little town of Childers, about 100kms up the highway from Maryborough. We started out having a nice coffee and cake at a footpath bakery.

We knew nothing of Childers and found it to have a really vibrant main street.  This would have been accentuated by the highway going up the main street.  There were some lovely old buildings.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 011

What really caught our eye was the street art.  Firstly, there is a great tribute to the sugar cane industry with a series of sculptures representing different aspects of the way of life.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 006

There were interesting railings.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 012

And, more sculptures.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 013

When we were walking back to the bike Mick commented on the interesting looking old Chemist.  It did look interesting, so we stuck our head in.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 017

What a fascinating place, and it is actually a museum.  Definitely worth a visit.  The building holds all the bits and bobs since the original pharmacist.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 025

The original cash register cost 60 pounds, which was nearly the price of a house.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 019

There was even a little inspiration for patchwork in the Italian tiled floor.  Apparently, there is no grout.  The centre tiles in the motifs are cork, which holds it all in place.

April 2013 Maryborough Ulysses 018

I love it when you stumble on a little gem you had no idea existed.  Childers certainly fitted the bill.


loulee said...

Wow, that shop looks like a fascinating place.
When you're here for your Sunday dinner, remind me to show you the floor in the front porch! lX

Sandi said...

You do find some interesting places to visit on your trips. I must stop in and have a look, next time we are passing through Childers.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Childers is our long term plan...we want to move there, and hopefully make it our permanent home. Mr E is even applying (as we speak!) to the state government for a teaching position in that area next year...praying he actually gets Childers. :-)
We rode through it two years ago and have never gotten it out of our hearts.