Saturday, 18 May 2013

February Flashback

I know that it is well into the month of May, but even though I didn’t get around to blogging for a couple of months it doesn’t mean we weren’t doing things.  As this is firstly a record for me of our goings on  I’m just going to do a few catch up posts, starting with the second half of February.  Thank goodness for taking lots of photos, or I would have had know idea what we were doing back then.

February was when our solitary plum tree was ready to be picked.  All our other fruit trees bore no fruit this year, as we had a severe frost in October, which knocked most, and then when we had the extreme temperatures in January our apple tree shed all its fruit.

February 2013 001

It is only  a spindly tree, but had a surprising amount of fruit.  It is the “President” variety.  They have a green flesh and the stones come out clean.  Perfect for cooking, as it also comes up a nice rich deep plum colour.

February 2013 002

I had lots of helpers with the picking.

February 2013 010

February 2013 013

The final yield.

February 2013 019

I gave lots away, ate some straight out of the bucket and didn’t get to do anything with the rest.  Life just got in the way.  Mum made sauce and put some on the church fete.  I went and bought it.  She doesn’t know that, but it was a win for everyone.

I did get a little domesticated on one front.


February 2013 020


February 2013 022

Much better.  I just have to keep it tidy.

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Maria said...

I always love to go along on all your travels Janice..
Well done with the cupboard..