Tuesday 29 May 2012

Super Secret Squirrel Stitching Revealed and a Lazy Weekend.

We had another lovely weekend at home this week.

Firstly, the birthday boy received his quilt during the week.  The super secret squirrel stitching was finished off at work and the final product was a COMPLETE SURPRISE.  EVERYONE knew about it, except Mick!  He did like it, but I haven’t had a chance to get a proper photo yet.  I’ll endeavour to get one soon.

May 2012 040

My space at work looks much better now that I’ve been able to bring everything back home. I still have to make a label, but there was no opportunity before the big day without giving the game away.

Saturday was a rather bleak day here, so Mick, not having to work, decided to make a couple of shelves for the kitchen.  We have talked about this for several years, but you know how it is, you can’t rush into things.  Well, he got stuck into it this time and we have a shelf for the coffee and tea making bits and bobs in one corner.

May 2012 042

And in another he has his collection of coffee making machines.  No minimalist look in our kitchen.

May 2012 044

It was a job well done.

Being cold, I tried another of the recipes out of the Family Circle magazine.  This time it was Chicken Provencale and tasted great.  No photo, sorry, we were too busy eating it up. I’ll see if I can make another recipe next weekend too.

Yesterday was forecast to be fine but cold.  It turned out to be fine and not too cold at all, so we got out into the garden and did a bit of tidying up for winter.  I picked the very last of the roses. 

May 2012 004

Most have been long since frosted, but these few grew under the verandah, so have been protected.  They looked lovely in the afternoon sunlight.

May 2012 012

Indulge me. 

May 2012 025

I just want to make the most of them while I can.

May 2012 027

No stitching has been done, but I’ve been cutting up some charm squares.  Loulee is making a black, white and grey quilt and was needing some extra squares, so, now that I’ve given Mick his quilt I was able to bring out the fabrics that he didn’t know existed and cut a charm pack from Oz, and while I was as it, one for me.

May 2012 039




Tracy said...

How clever to keep Mick in the dark. I love the coffee gear and the shelves. It sure did feel like winter on the weekend but those roses would have warmed your heart.

Susan said...

Well done. What a good wife you are - my poor hubby doesn't have his own quilt. I love the style of your kitchen, and the new shelves look really good. The roses are beautiful.

Ali Honey said...

The shelves look just the job.
I can understand you loving your last few roses. I think the end of season ones are some of the best. I still have a few as we don't get frosted.
I love B & W but have trouble handsewing black on borders but still keep using it. I find I have to sit outside in the sun or natural light to see black, these days.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Mick's pressie Janice and isn't it wonderful when you get those little jobs all finished :) Looks GREAT !

loulee said...

Hope the big man had a good day.
Thank you for squares. I was thinking we should make it a swap? Would you like some of my black and white? Or another colour?