Sunday 11 March 2012

A Glorious Sunday

What a difference a week makes.  Unlike a week ago, the weather has been glorious this weekend. 

Our long term plan for today was to have a stall at the Oberon Swap Meet to continue with our declutter.  However, Mick had to work yesterday so we didn’t get ourselves organised.  This morning we considered going out for a look, but as we didn’t want to bring any more “stuff” home, we just rolled over and had a sleep in instead.

March 2012 026

When we did finally surface we enjoyed a yummy breakfast on the verandah.  It was our first chance to partake in this for some time.  It is something that we really enjoy and I probably put more thought into Sunday breakfast than any other meal of the week. (That’s not saying much for my culinary skills.) We can’t be bothered to go into town for a nice breakfast, so it is much better to just make our own. As usual, I forgot to take photos.

After breakfast I finally started the hand stitching of the binding of our camper trailer quilt.  I must be a little odd, as I really enjoy hand stitching the binding onto a quilt.  I can turn the brain off and day dream while stitching away.

March 2012 005

It was so peaceful.  I think all the birds were also glad to see the sun out and enjoy the lovely weather.  There seemed to be an incredible variety on show today and the birdsong  was just delightful.  It was what I call a gentle day, a pleasant temperature with a very slight breeze.  Perfect autumn weather. 

While I was stitching away, Mick was doing the crosswords and then did some weeding, while the ground is soft. 

So yes, the camper trailer quilt is finished, but I will give it it’s own' “Ta Da” post.

Now I just have to finish my pincushion swap and name tag for Nundle in….12 days time!!!

The pincushion is nearly done, and I can stitch it in my lunch breaks, but I haven’t started my name tag.  I’ve thought of a design and should have started it this afternoon, but I wanted to play with something else.

When we went to Braidwood in November I bought a Lil’ Twister Ruler and its big brother that suits layer cakes and I haven’t tried them out yet.

Finally, I had a little play this afternoon, making a mug rug with left overs from the quilt.

March 2012 047

I used this tutorial that I found recently and there is a twister quilt along on the same blog.  I didn’t do a proper binding, instead I just turned it out and top stitched.

I made a little whoopsie.  See…..

March 2012 049

In my haste, I ended up sewing the backing on inside out.    Oh well, it can just stay that way, as I had clipped the corners before I realised what I had done.  It is only the back anyway.  The main purpose of the exercise was to see how easy the ruler is to use and I was very pleased with it.  Now I will have to make a little quilt using a charm pack, and a big one with a layer cake.  Mick likes windmills, so I might just have to make a quilt for him using this method.


Anita said...

I ordered one of those twister templates back in January from an online shop in Australia - and I still don't have it!!! They said on 7th Feb that they were due in the following week but nothing yet!! Going to see if I can get it elsewhere and cancel my order wtih this shop.
Can't wait to see your quilt finished!

Deb R said...

I love the colours in your quilt...gorgeous. My hubby did the swap meet he said it was quiet..didnt stop him from bringing things

Susan said...

It was a beautiful weeken. I do like the colours in your quilt - there is no reason we can't have luxury when camping! look forward to seeing the finished product.