Saturday, 3 March 2012

Big Wet Update

Things are much calmer here now with the river having peaked last night with no major dramas.  However, the old goldmining village of Sofala, which is on the banks of the Turon River, had 6 houses evacuated.

I went into town late this morning and the Campbells River, which I showed you yesterday had dropped from its peak and when I came home at about 4.30 this afternoon it had dropped much further.  The strange thing was that the way I came home yesterday was closed this morning.  I’m not sure where the flooding was, but I had to go down another dirt road to get into town.  We are so lucky to have a few options.

While I was in town, Mick went for a ride on his dirt bike.  Here are a few of his photos.  Firstly, this is one of the causeways we have to cross going to town.  The water had been much higher yesterday morning.

Ride to Dam WET 004

Then he went out to Chifley dam to see the water flowing over the spillway.  Once again, this is after the levels have dropped considerably.

Ride to Dam WET 014 

Ride to Dam WET 008

When I am driving to town I can glimpse the Dam at one spot. Yesterday and today you could see all the spray in the distance looking like smoke coming off the water.  Mick took a little video and you should hear the roar of the water.

He also had a look at the Fish River, which is quite close to us as well and it is also way up.  Fortunately, the rain has eased today and you can even see the odd star out there now.

I know that it is best to stay off the roads in this weather, but I had to get to town to see the Quilt Show held in the Anglican Cathedral.  This is the first time I have been and it was lovely.

March 2012 011

There were about 100 quilts on display.

It was nice to see some of the ecclesiastical embroidery on display as well.

March 2012 031

Now for the quilts.

I’m itching to make one of these L’il Twister quilts with my ruler….just a few other things to do first.

March 2012 033

There are some rather talented ladies in our local area.

March 2012 004

Look at the detail on this one.  Each tile segment is individually needle turn appliquéd on.  Just beautiful.

March 2012 007

March 2012 003

March 2012 019

This lovely soft quilt was beautifully enhanced by the quilting detail.

March 2012 021

Isn’t the border quilting gorgeous.

March 2012 023

Do you get the impression that I was drawn to the traditional medallion quilts?

March 2012 025

The rest of these quilts were all made by the one lady.   I think she started quilting in the early 2000’s and since retiring has been rather prolific.  She may have made some of the others on display as well.  Her work is just stunning.

March 2012 013

March 2012 017

March 2012 014

I think a hand quilted whole cloth quilt is about as stunning as you can get.  This one was also HUGE. Yes, this is by the same lady as well.

March 2012 028

Beautiful, tiny, even stitches.  A masterpiece in my books.

March 2012 030

It was disappointing for the organisers to have such rotten weather and people unable to get in to visit the display, but it was really lovely with the Cathedral as the backdrop.  The next display is in two years time and I’ll definitely be visiting again.


Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for the pics...........some stunning quilts for sure........

Melody said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing quilts

Deb R - frog cottage said...

Ohh the quilts are gorgeous!!! I missed out on the show as we heard they were shutting the roads Friday so we left Bathurst early on the list for next year!

Susan said...

Sorry I missed that one - I'll definitely look out for the next. Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Janice, there are some beautiful quilts there :)