Monday, 31 October 2011

Annual Play Date

One of my friends and I have a very special day out each year that NO ONE and NOTHING gets in the way of.  We visit the local open gardens and catch up on all the gossip.  You can seen previous years here and here.

This year we were joined by her two daughters, which was really nice.  I don’t even think that they were too bored with it all.

Most of the gardens had never been opened before, so it was worth going along.  The Rahamin Centre is a community ecological garden.  They had a great plant stall where I purchased lots of herbs, my tomatoes and some strawberries.

Open Gardens Oct 11 001

The next garden has been established for only about 5 years.  The couple previously had a beautiful country garden on their property.

Open Gardens Oct 11 011

There were still lots of rural elements.

Open Gardens Oct 11 008

Open Gardens Oct 11 015

Open Gardens Oct 11 030

They have really made the most of their sloping site, the retaining wall still being a work in progress.

Open Gardens Oct 11 032

I think this was my favourite garden for the day.

No day out is complete without a visit to Blair Athol. A rather grand garden.  Here we caught up with a friend visiting from Coonamble with their garden club.

Open Gardens Oct 11 034

Open Gardens Oct 11 039

There seemed to be more vege gardens than previous years.  I always love seeing them.

Open Gardens Oct 11 055

One of the new gardens was beautifully manicured and looked so lush with its green and white theme.  No flowers here.

Open Gardens Oct 11 075

Open Gardens Oct 11 077

Open Gardens Oct 11 078

Open Gardens Oct 11 082

This was the most surprising garden, as it was just on a regular suburban block in one of the newer subdivisions.  Not what you would expect at all.

Open Gardens Oct 11 085

Next we headed out of town to visit Mary Moody’s garden at Yetholme.  It hasn’t been open before either.  She said it wasn’t a show garden and it isn’t.  However, it is a lovely comfortable country garden around an older home.  We really enjoyed our visit.

Open Gardens Oct 11 110

Open Gardens Oct 11 105

Open Gardens Oct 11 108

Open Gardens Oct 11 101

I loved the quirky vege patch.

Open Gardens Oct 11 087 

Open Gardens Oct 11 088

Open Gardens Oct 11 091

Open Gardens Oct 11 092

Open Gardens Oct 11 106

Open Gardens Oct 11 094

Open Gardens Oct 11 114

We were so lucky with the weather, but finally, during the last garden we visited we were rained on.  We still had a nice wander around.

Open Gardens Oct 11 141

Open Gardens Oct 11 132

Open Gardens Oct 11 127

As you can gather, we had a great day out and can’t wait to see what next year brings.


Ali Honey said...

I felt like I was there with you . Wish I had been. I love seeing folk growing veges ( especially the decrative ones - hope they still eat the veges )being an avid gardener I appreciate the work they have all put in. Thanks.

Fiona said...

A great day out... I love going and looking at gardens.... come back with all sorts of ideas (which stay that way for me!!).... those were some great ones you went to...

Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for the garden pics.........glad you got to enjoy a day out with friends...........

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What can I say!? Wow, wow, wow!! I am drooling over many of the gardens, but that funky veggie patch really caught my soul.
I think I need come down your way this time next year, Janice. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful gardens.... and a nice day to enjoy it.