Monday, 13 June 2011

ABC Tour – Church Yard, Cameron’s Moment


Wednesday is a busy day on the race course, but dawned wet!  Our original plan was to view racing from Solby Straight, which is one of the fastest parts, coming into a sharp 90 degrees right hand corner.  However, it is not a good place to get caught at if it is wet and you are waiting for the roads to be opened.

We then decided to go just above the Creg Ny Baa pub, another fast place, but one you can get away from if you wish.  We left relatively early, when the rain eased, but by the time we got to Douglas it was raining, so we changed our mind again and went to Kirk Michael churchyard where it is very civilised and we could get under cover if there was a downpour.

The start of the first race was delayed for an hour and there were the occasional spits of rain while we waited. 

Eventually, there was a parade lap with Mick Doohan.

MH Race Wednesday Kirk Bradden 002

Finally, the 600cc race got under way, despite the fact that quite a few of the main riders were not happy with the decision.  They got around the first lap with only one fellow coming off.  John McGuinness was the lucky one to go around first and discover what the road surface was like.  He was not at top speed by any means.  When they went past us at the start of the second lap Guy Martin was leading the pack, followed by Cameron Donald, with John McGuinness behind him.

MH Race Wednesday Kirk Bradden 007

Cameron overtook Guy just after us and not much further along he had what he said was the biggest “moment” he had ever had without coming off, after hitting a wet patch, which had been dry on the previous lap.  Guy did exactly the same and only just missed Cameron.  John saw what was happening and just missed the wet patch.  Keith Amor, who already had an injured shoulder, wasn’t so lucky and ended up sliding along on his bum.  He was very lucky that is was no worse.

MH Race Wednesday Kirk Bradden 008

The race was then red flagged, as it was considered too dangerous to continue.

We then went back home to Castletown, where it didn’t rain again for the rest of the day.  That would be right.  It did, however, give us the chance to go to the library to check on emails, although we still couldn't get the blog to update.

The races are now rescheduled for tomorrow.

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