Monday, 13 June 2011

ABC Tour – Catching up With Friends, Classic Bike Rally Finale


Thursday is not supposed to be a race day, so the main events are at Laxey.  As things have turned out, we are not going there this year.  Mick and I went in opposite directions.  Mick firstly headed down to Port St Marys to have a crack in the sidecar frame welded up.  He then headed to Ballacraine to watch the rescheduled racing.

MH THursday and Friday Race Day 011

The 600cc race got underway in lovely weather and Gary Johnson led from the start. Cameron Donald was making ground on him until the last mile of the race, when the unthinkable happened, he ran out of petrol. He was a little annoyed, to say the least. In the end, Gary Johnson won, John McGuinness came second and Guy Martin was third.  It was Gary’s first TT win.

MH THursday and Friday Race Day 014

The second sidecar race followed with Klaffenbok and Sayle leading until well into the last lap when Holden and Winkle took the lead for their first ever win of a TT race.

MH THursday and Friday Race Day 029

Meanwhile, I caught the bus into Douglas and caught up with Lou, her daughter and friend for a day’s shopping.  It was a nice change of pace.   Once again I forgot to take a photo of us both.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, Mick joined in the last day’s ride with the Vintage Rally which ran from Tynwald Mill to Castletown for the final display and a presentation dinner.  Olga won the “Oliver Shield” for the furthest distance travelled, being 1650miles.  It was presented by Caroline Sells who is a winner of the Lightweight race in the Manx GP.

JH Thursday 9 Jun Shopping 008

We are really pleased that we entered into the rally and were made feel so very welcome.

I also finally found a coffee shop which has wi-fi and let me post my blog.  Happy dance.

Tomorrow is the final day of racing with the Senior TT.  The weather is predicted to be fine so it should be a great day.

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