Monday, 29 November 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

After our twilight Tall Ship Cruise on Saturday we just wandered back to our hotel in Ultimo, taking in the sights of the city at Christmas time.

We like to visit Sydney at this time of year, although it doesn’t happen very often.  Even Mick gets into the spirit of things and he DOES NOT LIKE shops and crowds. 

We planned on going for a wander on Sunday morning but seeing everything at night instead was much better.

Firstly, the tree in Martin Place.  It sparkles and flashes at different times.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 130

The Strand Arcade was closed but you could still see inside. Stunning as usual.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 131

We both looked forward to visiting the David Jones window display with its puppets.  They have been a feature of Christmas in Sydney for many, many years.  Mum took us to see them for the first time when I was about nine.  This year the theme was Christmas Carols.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 133

They looked beautiful at night.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 141

Can you believe it, we had it nearly to ourselves.  No crowds pushing you around.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 140

This lady was even doing her needlework.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 138

See, Mick does really enjoy all this.  He then started whistling Christmas carols.  He’s just a big softy at heart.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 142

Finally,for the grand finale, we were just in time to see the ginormous Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria Building.

This is on the ground floor.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 144

We then climbed to the third floor.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 146

And looked right up into the dome. I’ve no idea how they put it in place.

Sydney Weekend November 2010 148

All this Christmas cheer has put me in the mood to decorate our Christmas tree next weekend. 


Tracy said...

What a great weekend Janice. Sydney really is a great city to visit.

loulee said...

Looks like you folks had a lovely time.
There's you in shirt sleeves, the island is closed due to snow and ice with only the coast roads open. Schools are closed, so Joe is happy!

Kate said...

Ahh, Christmas is here! Lovely photo's.

Cardygirl said...

Great the trees!