Thursday, 4 November 2010

Repurpose Thursday - Sewing Drawers

I had a bit of a look around for something that had been repurposed and thought my little sewing drawers would fit the bill.

We found these filing drawers at an auction probably about ten years ago.  Unfortunately I don’t have a “before” photo.  When you pulled the drawers out they had a base but no sides or backs.  They were in fact lever arch files.

November 2010 002

We bought them on the basis that we “JUST” had to add sides and backs and they would be a handy little set of drawers.  Well, as you can guess, it didn’t happen and they were just a dust collector for many years.

Then, a couple of years ago I gave them to Dad and requested that he do the job for my upcoming birthday present.  You see, he loves pottering around in his workshop.  He is the local spinning wheel “Mr Fixit” and for some reason loves making little boxes.

He did a lovely job and now I have the most practical set of drawers.  See how he even made little box dividers for some of the drawers which means that my threads stay tidy(ish).

November 2010 004

The other three drawers are full of sewing tools and notions. They live in our living room behind the table I sew at, so are always handy.

I might even get around to labelling the drawers one day, but that would be getting a bit too organised.

The sewing machine drawers on top came from a garage sale a few years ago.  They are a bit tight in the frame so are just a dust collector.  I might have to send them over to Dad and request he fix them up for my next birthday present .

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NessaKnits said...

You need to rub bees wax on the drawers that are hard to open! I love your other replumbed drawers. What a handy father to have!

loulee said...

I love your drawers, your dad did a great job.

Sandi Butler said...

Your dad did a great job transforming the little draws. Now they not only look lovely, but they are practical now.
We've got some of those old sewing machine draws out in the shed (hubby has got nails and bits & pieces in them) I might reclaim them to put sewing things in. :)

Sue said...

I love your drawers.
Yes try the beeswax or even a parafin wax candle. They might just need a light sanding on the sticking bit first.

Stina said...

Ahh.. it looks so good... love the old look..:o))

Fiona said...

Oh Janice - I think I am in love they are so lovely. I bet you just treasure them.

Thanks for playing.

Hugs - Fee X

soggybottomflats said...

You are soooo lucky to have a puttering father! Lovely drawers, very nice. Thank you for sharing, Elaine

Bec said...

They are beautiful, and repurposing is a fantastic way to go!