Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Day

I went for a lovely drive this morning to deliver my sewing machine to the repairman, about an hour from home.  It should be ready early next week. 

It was drizzly and showery all the way.  There wasn’t a lot of traffic and there was only one idiot that I saw.  I had a little chuckle to myself as he was driving a black ute with a sticker on the rear window declaring “Suicide Tendencies”.  Yep, he had that right, the way he was driving!

The weather had cleared a bit for my drive home and this is the view from just up the road from our place.

This is looking to the north. . .


Can you believe that this was totally brown only just over a week ago.  Nature is very resilient.

And, looking to the south east . . .


I had just driven through that short, sharp shower.

We haven’t had much more rain in the last couple of days, mainly just drizzly stuff.  This afternoon was really muggy.  We are not used to humidity in this area.

I forgot to show you a couple of gifts I gave myself just before Christmas.  I love Cath Kidston stuff and hoped to buy a little something while we were overseas, but there is no outlet on the Isle of Man.  I know I can buy on line, but that just isn’t the same.  I did see a magnetic shopping list in a homewares shop in town here last year, but was not paying $30 for it!  As you can imagine, I was quite excited when I discovered Cath Kidston products in Target.  It is only toiletries and cosmetics, but, better than nothing. 


I treated myself to some scented hearts and guest soaps.  Best of all, they were half price.  It doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

My other little treat was discovered in a new shop in Keppel Street in Bathurst.  This street is away from the main shopping centre and has a lovely streetscape.  I must take a photo one day.  This is where I visit to buy the paper and my morning coffee each day on the way to work.  There are lovely specialty shops and cafes and now a new shop, which opened just before Christmas selling vintage and retro wares.  It complements the other shops perfectly.  On the day it opened I peered through the window and saw this . . .


I popped back in my lunch break and snapped it up.  Isn’t it just devine?  I have a short stemmed pedestal and one on a silver stand, both in green, but you just don’t see things like this.  I considered the price to be very fair as well.  There was quite a bit of green depression glass, but I have to be restrained, as I have too much.  Mind you, some pieces were quite unusual.

I think I will be peering through the window quite often, to see what is new. 

They were also unpacking quite a few old dressmaking patterns, but I was strong.


Judith Tetley said...

Hi Janice; I got some Cath Kidson Soap for Christmas too...had no idea Target had it in stock thanks for the tip. I love your glass dish; I was also delighted to find a tea cup and saucer with a Crinoline Lady on it recently...will have to put a pic on my blog.
Many Blessings

loulee said...

There is one place in town where some CK stuff pops up occasionally, I'll keep my eyes peeled. Happy New Year. L xx

Julie said...

Nice yearly wrap up. Hasn't the rain been glorious. Have a great 2010. Julie.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Janice, I too love Cath Kidston stuff, and bought the same things (plus the nail care set and hand creams and nail files) at Target for myself and for friends. I really hope we get more of her things soon over here. :-)