Monday, 23 November 2009

No Stitching Happening – Just Motorcycling

I don’t seem to have sewn a stitch lately.  This week has been just too hot and we seem to have been motorcycling on the weekends.

A week ago there was a classic bike rally in Bathurst.  Mick has normally had to work on that weekend, so we’ve missed out.  However, this year, as he’s just got the old sidecar on the road he decided to make the effort to enter.


We had a great day.  The weather was not too hot and we went on some great little roads around the area.  We were surprised to go on a few roads we hadn’t been on before, and we have been on most.


Mick won the sidecar section of the rally, but that wasn’t hard as there were only two in the class.  The bike went really well and is nice and comfy.

This weekend we went to Sydney to the Motorcycle Expo at Homebush on the modern BMW and sidecar.  We travelled down with some friends who have just got into motorcycling and they enjoyed it thoroughly.

Firstly we went to Dural to have breakfast with the Hills Group of the Ulysses Club.  Our friends are members of this group.


The number of exhibitors at the Expo was down a bit on previous years but there was still lots to see. 


Mick treated himself to a summer weight bike jacket and it more than paid for itself on Sunday.


It was really pleasantly cool riding over the mountains early on Saturday morning and the Showground halls were air conditioned, so we avoided the worst of the heat. 


On Saturday night we went to Church Street Parramatta with friends and dined al fresco.  It was a lovely evening.

As it was going to be a stinker on Sunday we left relatively early to head home.  Once we got up into the mountains the wind picked up and it got really hot.  There were fire trucks on standby all over the place.  We were so thankful we were on the sidecar, as a solo bike would have been blown all over the road.  We were very glad to get home at about lunchtime and try and stay a bit cool in the house.

Unfortunately, there were some potentially serious fires in our region, but none near us thank goodness.

The weather has cooled down nicely now, so I will do a bit of stitching in the next few days.  I have secret squirrel business requiring attention.

By the way, Mick got another brown snake between the house and shed on Friday.  That’s now five we’ve seen in the yard and it’s not even summer yet!


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Now, apart from the winds, the fires, the heat, and the snake, it sounds like a great weekend! ;-)

edy said...

EEEKK! more snakes! Be careful out there. We saw pics of some of the fires and I was concerned that it might be your area. Glad you're safe and sorry for those who lost homes. Enjoyed the post and photos of your 'cycle adventure this weekend. What fun!
Now get to stitching, woman!

Sandi said...

A great weekend adventure, by the sounds of it. What fun touring around with in the sidecar, whizzing around the countryside.
I think everywhere has had very odd unseasonal weather. It's been quite hot here too.

Anonymous said...

Great Photos Janice, I'll have to show James when he gets home.

Anonymous said...