Thursday, 26 November 2009

Look Where We’re Going

Mick and I are headed off on the modern sidecar this weekend to here:
My friend Cath and I went to the Braidwood Airing of the Quilts a few years ago and it was wonderful, so Mick and I are going this year.
The plan is to go for a nice long ride (keeps Mick happy) and visit historic Braidwood, which is lovely and Mick hasn’t explored, and I get to see quilts (keeps me happy).
Unfortunately, there is some wet weather predicted, but we are still going.
Is anyone else headed to Braidwood?


Anonymous said...

I checked out the website and the photo of last years Airing of the Quilts ... terrific quilts! Have a safe and fun journey. We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends here in New Mexico.

loulee said...

I wish I was going with you!