Saturday, 5 September 2009


We’ve had some lovely rain over the last couple of days, with the weekend predicted to be fine followed by more rain early next week. You can’t get much better than that.

Yesterday, when I went up to feed the chooks our apricot tree was looking a picture.

We seem to be feeding the entire population of birds as well at the moment, but I’d say their food supply would be at its lowest at this time of year. The crimson rosellas are so bright. We are getting about 20 each morning.

Many years ago we bought a lovely water colour entitled “Springtime” which depicts chooks feeding under a blossom tree. We seem to be doing our best to recreate it.

Today I’m off to machine quilting classes with Kim Bradley in Bathurst. It is being held at the Craft Learning Centre. Leanne did well to get such a well known teacher.
Free motion quilting is something I have absolutely no confidence in so I’m really quite excited about today.


Sandi said...

Your blossoming apricot tree looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish we could grow them here, I love apricots. We have a peach and a nectarine growing, the pink flowers are finished and now the trees have small fruit on them. We don't get the fruit tho, as the parrots and flying foxes eat them all. :(
The crimson rosellas are very pretty. We get the yellow and blue rosellas here, they are quite shy.
Have fun at your quilting class :)

loulee said...

Enjoy your class. I know once you gain a little confidence you'll love free hand quilting. I have a go here and there and when I get in the groove it really is fun.
Pretty birdies.