Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mick's Project of the Month

Today we took the old BMW and sidecar on its maiden voyage.

This was to be Mick’s project of the month back in January, but the box of bits and rat’s nest of wiring proved to be a bit more involved than initially thought. But, it was finally registered with no dramas a week ago.

This morning we took it past our letterbox for the first time (about 1km from the house) and then after about 100m of tar it started to cough and splutter. Fortunately it cleared itself, so it must have just been the old fuel.

We actually got to go on a run with the Historic Car Club. This has unfortunately eluded us for most of the year.

We had a lovely, leisurely drive ending up at an old shearing shed.

This property has remained in the one family for nearly a century.

It had a lovely rustic feel.
We had a large roll up of members and had a wonderful day.

Also, yesterday I replenished my planter box with some lovely little polyanthus as the bulbs are now well and truly finished. I’m liking having cheerful plants in the kitchen.

The other exciting thing happening is that I have decided to partake in Jellywares' 2nd Wash Cloth Swap. This time we have to make a wash cloth and give some seeds for the garden. I'm currently working out what to make. It is a big secret. Should be fun.


Sandi said...

Mick's restored motorbike looks fabulous, perfect for a jaunt around the countryside. Great b & w shots.
Love the fresh flower plants in your red planter box. Very cheery!

loulee said...

Looking good. Is that the lady that gets to come to visit me?