Monday, 29 June 2020

How Did My Other June Goals Go?

Having met all my stitching goals for the month of June, which you can see here, here and here, how did my other goals go?

Happily, not too shabby.


Yes, I actually read two.  Here and here.


Yes. Once again we tried two.  Here is one.

The second one was also out of the Bathurst on a Plate recipe book.

Ginger Snaps.  They are so decadent and sweet.  Mick has already requested we make them again.

We also made a couple of other slices that I forgot to photograph.  We are both enjoying this baking caper, making old favourites as well as trying new recipes.


Yes.  Not lots of walk, but long walks.

We seem to keep returning to the river.  It is approximately 10kms by the time we get home.  The old Denison bridge crossing the Macquarie River is a feature.

We returned by a different walkway last time and the Raglan Creek was looking a picture.  I grew up just down the road from this creek.  Back then, us kids didn't even know it had a name and just called it "The Drain".  We used to see tiny fish swimming in it.  I didn't see any the other day, but the water was nice and clear.  The recent rains have made such a difference to the landscape.


Yes.  Yesterday.

The Panorama Club had their Sunday ride yesterday and our destination was the pub at Mandurama.  The weather wasn't too bad for this time of year, but we were very well rugged up.  That worked well, as we didn't freeze our bits off.  We took Sophia the Moto Guzzi this time.  She keeps up better than the sidecars.

I've never been in this pub, so was looking forward to seeing what it was like.  You can imagine out disappointment when we arrived to find it had been booked out by another group.

They suggested we could probably get a meal at the Carcoar pub, so off we went.  Carcoar is located just west of Blayney and describes itself as "The Village that time forgot".  It is has been classified as a historic village, with beautiful buildings. 

Our main concern was whether or not the pub would be doing meals.  When we arrived in the village we were surprised to see so many cars.  You were battling to find a parking spot.  We wondered what was on, but it seemed to be just people getting out and about.

The pub was doing meals, but was absolutely packed out.  Fortunately there was a new little coffee shop that was doing coffee and pies.  That suited us just fine.  The pies were really tasty.

Many of our group of bikes didn't worry about getting anything to eat and just headed home.

We had a quick little walk around and have decided we need to return mid week when things are a little quieter and have a better wander around.   

It is one of those places that sometimes has lots to see, and at other times lots seem to have shut down.  At the moment it is going well.  

We normally visit on Australia Day when they have a big street fair.  It will be nice to have a wander when it is quieter.


Yes.  We are so happy that we finally go to use our van.

You can read about our weekend to Lake Cargelligo here.  It was the perfect destination for our return to travelling.

So, all in all, a very successful month.


Maria said...

Well done with your challenges for June and I enjoyed going on the road trip and bike ride with you both.
The Ginger Snaps look yummy.
Wonder what your July list will be????

dq said...

These were lovely photos of your walks and motorcycle ride. It is good that business is picking up. Our economies need it!

I live in a rural area on a long dead end street. There would not be much variety in my walks, but you inspired me to want to get out anyway.

kiwikid said...

Well done on meeting the goals for the month. The biscuits look yummy!! Looks like a great place for a walk too. Your bike ride was interesting, shame there was it a pub where y you could get lunch, people are obviously taking advantage of being able to get 9ut and about again. Lovely old town.

Cheryll said...

Congrats on meeting your challenges... & EnJoYing it so much... xox

loulee said...

A very successful month indeed. Here's to another successful month ahead.
I've taken a leaf out of your recipe book and have been trying a few new recipes, not just baking, but also meals. I should blog about them.

jude's page said...

Sounds like a great month, doing lots of things you enjoy.