Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Nundle - Girls Day in the Country


Once all the girls started to arrive this was a common sight.

Yep.  Tears of laughter.  So much laughter.


Friday saw quite a few of us venture out to The Cottage on the Hill for a little retail therapy.  Notice how the nice sunny blue day of Thursday has vanished.  This was more like the weather we had for the rest of the weekend.

A kit for this quilt, plus a bit extra for borders to make it larger may have just come home with me.

There is always so much inspiration here.

Friday evening saw us all gathering in the camp kitchen for nibblies and  a little show and tell.


Dzintra, Jo Jo and Kerri's.

Jenny & Chooky's.




And mine.  (I'm sure Chooky won't mind that I borrowed her photo).

There is so much talent among this group of ladies.  I know I certainly wouldn't have the patience to do so much of the work they do.


As usual we gathered at the Town Hall.

This is what we received on our table.

And just some of the lovely ladies on our table.

We were introduced to the lovely Bonnie Sullivan who then revealed our project for the day.

Wow!  Rather lovely.

Inside is a pincushion made from upcycled bedspread.

We received pre printed fabric with a lovely saying.  It was so easy to just stitch straight over the printed text.  Here is mine ready to applique to my circle of antique quilt.  How much use must this quilt have had?  The colours so soft and faded.  Yet, it has been beautifully created, with lovely, even, small hand quilting.  I wish I had taken a photo of the back before I stitched through it.  This is a great way to add life to something that would otherwise have been just put at the back of a cupboard.

This is as far as I got on the day - although the bird was stitched down before I left.  I also completed my pincushion.  I love that each sewing box will be different due to the unique scraps of quilt. I opted to have my steamer painted a French blue which should go nicely with the quilt piece.  It won't take long to finish the project.  That can be my Easter project.

There was a trading table of Bonnie's projects.  They really are lovely. 

As always there is a swap on the day.  We were given a design of Bonnie's and could make whatever we liked with it.  I came up with a little sewing holder.  

I received a lovely pin cushion made by Deb to add to my collection.

At the end of the day there was the usual group photo of all the bloggers.  

This one is rather special, as it is the last.  Yes, at the end of the day, rather than announce next year's tutor, Kerry announced that this, the 10th Girls Day in the Country, would be the last.  To say we were sad is an understatement, but we can understand that it is time for Kerry to move on to other things. To achieve what she has over those years is something she should be so proud of.

However, this will not be the end of our get togethers, as plans are afoot for something for next year.  I can't wait.


So, while most of the girls were tucking into a yummy breakfast, Mick and I were packing up our campsite, ready to drive back home.  We'd enjoyed our stay in Nundle very much.

We travelled home the same way we had come.  I was hoping to see the other big cliff, as you drive out of the Bylong Valley, all lit up with sunshine, but alas, it wasn't to be this time either.

One thing we did notice coming home is just how dry it was on the tablelands, compared to where we had visited.  We had been missing out on all the rain.  Fortunately, that has now changed.

Hopefully, we will get to visit Nundle again in the future, despite the fact that there is no more GDITC.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great post Janice....what a lovely GDITC we had.....Kerry did a wonderful job of hosting these special get-together s!

Anthea said...

It's been a lovely read Janice... I'm sure that you & the ladies will find a way to continue having special times together, even though Kerry will no longer be involved.
Glad to see you're enjoying the new van!

loulee said...

Such a shame it's all over, but I'm sure a suitable replacement will be organised. There were some lovely quilts at the show and tell. Love yours.
So in the picture Chooky shared, of you cuddling a huge package, was it the kit you mention in this post?

Jenny said...

What a lovely weekend - so much fun. And stitching with others is always so nice.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Those weekends always look so much fun!! And all those amazing show and tell quilts!! Just gorgeous!!

Chookyblue...... said...

great pics...such fun memories.........love all the quilts we had for show and tell....we are amazing......lol........
OMG I sure was laughing heaps in that first pic......there were lots of tears of joy.....