Saturday, 27 December 2014

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Now that Christmas has been and gone I can show what I sent to Isabel in Portugal.

November 2014 013

Firstly, the ornament.  I do love these patterns.

Novmeber 2014 002

And the gift.

I made a Sew Together Bag.  It was a fun challenge and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Novmeber 2014 027

Here it is filled with goodies.

November 2014 004

I’m pleased that Isabel liked it.

Now to what I received from Katie in the USA.

Just a recap of the ornament.

November & December 2014 380

Now for the gift.

Here I am opening it. Mick decided to take lots of photos, bless him.

Janice opening SSCS 2014

Can you believe it!!! A Sew Together Bag in vintage motorcycle fabric.  There is even a sidecar.  How good is that!

Filled with goodies.

December 2014 044

December 2014 049

There is also some extra fabric for me to play with.  Not sure what I will use it for, but it is something I haven’t been able to find around here and certainly won’t go to waste.

December 2014 047

I was going to make a bag for me, but now I don’t need to.  Bonus.

Thanks Katie for such a thoughtful gift.

Thanks also to Chookyblue for making the swap happen once again.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without a mystery overseas parcel. I know that this year it nearly didn’t take place due to life getting in the way, so it is extra special. Thanks a bunch, Chooky.


bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I made a Sew together bag for my partner too. Everyone needs one, or two. And they all look terrific. Enjoy! And Happy New Year!

Tracy said...

Good job taking lots of pictures Mick. We love to see them. The gifts bot to and from look great.
Best wishes for 2015

Susan said...

Whatt a fabulous coincidence, and perfect choice of fabric for you. I think the sew together bag is a popular choice this Christmas....I'm tempted to try one.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Janice for helping chooky decide to do the swap again,lol,i cant believe that you sent a bag AND got the same back,that is so funny,but by gee the fabric is so you,she stalked you well.ERnjoy your new gifts from O/S's my friend.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

LOL ... Great minds .,,,both are lovely xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi JaNICE......just read on Chooky's blog that you helped her this year with the SSCS and just popping around to say thank you so much for doing this.....I know that this must be a big job to put together!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xo

Rachaeldaisy said...

That is so fun that you both made sew-together bags!! - I love that Katie made you a motor bike bag!! It's wonderful Mick captured the unwrapping in photos, the smile on your face says it all!

Chookyblue...... said...

I just had to laugh when Katie emailed me the pic just after I had seen you and you showed me what you made for Isabel......and wanted to make one for fabric for you and I am sure you will find the perfect project for the left over fabric..........
thanks for convincing me to run the swap..........we would have both been very sad without our international parcels...........thanks for being part of the SSCS.........

Anita said...

How funny that you both made the same thing!! The fabric is perfect for you.....maybe hubby could use it as a man

Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

Perfect gifts made and received Janice, love the PERFECT fabric xx