Thursday, 30 October 2014


Remember a while ago I shared all the birds I had seen or heard on a Sunday morning.

Well, since then I have seen or heard quite a few more.  There have been red rumps, galahs, a yellow throated scrub wren, white breasted triller, jabaroo, thornbills, swallows and dusky wood swallows.  I’m sure there have been others I can’t think of at the moment.

Here is one of the dusky wood swallows.  It doesn’t look much here, but they are so pretty.  Their colouring is “dusky”, just like their name implies and they have a white flash across their tail when flying.  We really enjoy their visits each year.

October 2014 003

The most exciting thing though, is our little robins.  Remember I hoped they would nest.  Well, the week after my post about them, there was lots of flitting to and from the cotoneaster, just below our verandah, giving us a bird’s eye view.  Pardon the pun.

Firstly we couldn’t see anything.

October 2014 064

Then Mick spotted something.  Can you see it?  A very well hidden nest made from wool, so it will be nice and cosy.  It looks very frail.

October 2014 004

After we had the snowy, stormy night a couple of weeks ago I checked and the nest was still there, but there was no sign of either Mum or Dad Robin, so I was a little worried.

Then a few days later I heard and then saw Dad.  Still no sign of Mum.  Then another few days later I thought I saw Mum.  Then we saw Dad flit into the cotoneaster again, so had a closer look.

October 2014 060

October 2014 062

She is so tiny and the nest is very well camouflaged.  There is only one small gap in the leaves that you can see through.

We had a really wild wind storm again a few days ago and I was worried how they would go, but after checking, she was still in the nest.

Now we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the babies. I’ll keep you posted.


While on the subject of our feathered friends, our new chooks are doing well.  They have now filled out nicely and are giving us four eggs a day.  We are giving eggs away left, right and centre.  The eggs are getting to be a good size now and we have even had one with a double yolk.

October 2014 047

There hasn’t been much computer stuff happening here lately, as our internet connection is somewhat tenuous of late.  It is rather frustrating not being able to connect and then, when you do, everything going at snail’s pace.  No, we haven’t exceeded our limit, it is like this all the time.  It was never like this until recently. I wonder if the towers are just not coping with the volume lately?  Let’s hope things improve, as I’d like to comment on blogs………but at this stage I can’t even get to read them most of the time.


Ali Honey said...

A very cute photo of Mother Bird. We have different birds from the ones you mentioned. Have you got a photo of the red rump- I imagine that is an accurate description?
Slow connection speed can be very challenging!

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's lovely to hear about the birds that visit your garden, and make homes there. We've had such fun bird action recently but I'm never fast enough with my camera. Its wonderful that your chooks have settled in and are laying well. Do you give them names?