Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Good Friday Motorcycling

Although we enjoy doing spontaneous things it is good to look forward to a regular event. Good Friday is one of those times.  Each year we join with the Vintage Motorcycle Rally that travels around Bathurst for a week.

This year we took Sophia, the Moto Guzzi for an outing.  That is her on the right of the below photo.  She doesn’t get out very often.  Looking back, I haven’t been on her since late 2012.  It feels strange getting on a solo again……..and I had to struggle to find some bike trousers that still fit…….Oops!

April 2014 245

There were over 200 bikes involved in the week, ranging from the very early veterans to the most current.

Early bikes

This year there was a lot of rather tasty examples from the 70s.  Colours really came into their own during that era.

70s bikes

Wherever you look, there were men checking out the finer details of bikes.

April 2014 246

Discussions on finishes, what is original, what isn’t. 

April 2014 250

Get out of the way when the veterans get going, as they don’t have a clutch and can’t stop.  It is a real art to ride them.

April 2014 275

The route on Friday is always the same, travelling to Oberon via the back roads, where we regroup and have morning tea.  The local bakery always has lovely, fresh hot cross buns and good coffee.

After our break, we continued on our way to Tarana for lunch. 

April 2014 276 

As there are so many people, it is rather a slow process to get a meal at the pub, so we opted to take a picnic.  We had quite a group from the Historic Car Club, who were quite settled under a gum tree, soaking up the sun.

April 2014 286

A rather lovely way to start the long weekend.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great photos...looks like a glorious day...

Susan said...

Glorious autumn weather, great for a ride.

shez said...

what a lovely time and such beautiful weather,its interesting seeing all the bikes,glad you had a lovely easter Janice.xx