Sunday, 10 November 2013

What a Wonderful Day

Yesterday, it was great to catch up with lots of ladies here in Bathurst for a blog get together, organised by Chooky.

The first stop was Fabric and Trim, but I skipped that, as I knew the shop was quite small.  The second stop was at Anni’s, so this is where I met up with all the girls.  Some I had met before, some I have only known through their blogs and some were new to me.  It is wonderful how the common thread of blogging has brought us all together.

We all had a great time browsing at Anni’s.  Here is Kylie, Chooky and Beryl (Anita’s aunt visiting from the UK).

Blog Meet November 2013 023

Susan, Jan and Fiona were quite happy chatting while waiting their turn to be served.

Blog Meet November 2013 026

Peg and Dale turned up for the day and kept an eye on Anni and Chooky.

Blog Meet November 2013 028

While Khrissy waited for Chooky to finish her shopping and talking she had a chat to the girls.

Blog Meet November 2013 027

After we had spent all our money, we adjourned to Crago Mill Cafe for lunch.  Mmmm.   Mmmmmm.  Some lovely things came out of the kitchen.

Blog Meet November 2013 033 

We also had the chance to have a wander around the new antique shop on site.  I was rather taken with this wash stand, as it was similar to one that has just found it’s way to our place.

Blog Meet November 2013 030

There was lots of chatting and we had a little swap, “Make it, Bake it or Fake it”.

Blog Meet November 2013 034

I was lucky enough to receive some sweet chilli sauce made by the lovely Kate, via Suze, beautifully presented with star and berries.

Blog Meet November 2013 045

Blog Meet November 2013 049

My gift was received by Anita.

Blog Meet November 2013 021

It was a little knitted wash cloth and soap.  Fun to make.

Blog Meet November 2013 020

Of course, no get together is complete without show and tell. I missed the start, (too busy talking).  These three were all made by Michelle from The Home Patch.  Just beautiful.

Blog Meet November 2013 038

Blog Meet November 2013 040

Blog Meet November 2013 043

By then the afternoon was slipping away and everyone had to be on their way to the various parts of the state.

Peg and Dale said bye to their namesakes.  Who knows where they will turn up next.

Blog Meet November 2013 044

The day passed so very quickly and was thoroughly enjoyable.  Now we will have to wait till Nundle in March to catch up again.  Thanks for a great day, ladies.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

It was a great day Jancice...fantastic photos (I did borrow some) how good were all the prezzies....

Fiona said...

great to see your pics - such a fun day you all had...

Susan said...

Another great bloggers day out. Looking forward to next time already!

Chookyblue...... said...

was lovely to see Michelles quilts.......we were a a bit slack on the show and tell...........great swap presents.....the Crago Mill was a great spot for our group for lunch.........

Kylie said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and chatting. I'd love to do it again! Kx.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of a wonderful day. Lovely to catch up again and hear all about life with you. Til Nundle when we meet again xxx