Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Road Trip to Maryborough Ulysses AGM

We left home on Saturday morning to travel to Maryborough in Queensland for the Ulysses AGM in glorious autumn weather, dodging the roos up our driveway on the way.    

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 004

Our original plan was to leave on Thursday, but life got in the way. Instead of a leisurely trip up, visiting relatives along the way, we ended up having two days of riding straight here.

You can’t get much better than this scenery.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 006

We stumbled upon some craft and produce markets at the village of Rylstone, about an hour from home.  This was a great place to buy a scrummy savoury bread loaf for our lunch later in the day and some jam.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 016

Our route took us along our favourite road through the Bylong Valley, with its rugged scenery.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 021

The church in the village is rather pretty.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 028

Up over the windy hill.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 033

There was rain in the hills behind Tamworth and we were sure we would get wet, but we put our wet weather gear on, which meant we stayed dry and just sweltered.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 049

We called in briefly to the pretty village of Bendemeer, and another country church found its way into our photos.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 056

We knew we were entering the New England area once we started to see the most beautiful golden poplar trees.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 064

Our destination for the day was Guyra, where we stayed in the highest caravan park in Australia.  It was a balmy 5 degrees C when we got up on Sunday morning.  “Snubby” the silver sidecar and camper trailer travelled well.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 072

On Sunday  we continued to Ooh and Aah at the stunning coloured trees along the way.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 086

It was another wonderful day for riding.  I loved all the wispy, windswept clouds.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 093

I think this railway bridge has seen better days.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 095

You have to take a photo of the sign going over the border.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 098

The wide, open expanse of the Darling Downs near Toowoomba.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 104

Joh Bjelke Peterson Dam was looking lovely.

April 2013 - Home to Maryborough 106

Sunday saw us stay at the small town of Goomeri, where we camped in the showground.  Dinner was at the Shell roadhouse, as the pub closes at 5pm and there is no where else open.  It was quite social, with a few Ulyssians eating there as well as other campers.

We got an early start on Monday morning and arrived here at the Ulysses AGM site at 8.00am, ready to set up camp.

Now for a fun week.


Susan said...

Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year to travel. Would have been good to stretch your legs after two days on the bike.

loulee said...

Looks like a wonderful ride.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Have a great time, Janice!
Mark and a mate made a last minute decision to drive down, but couldn't stay long due to work commitments. They were there on Monday and Tuesday - I sent him off with instructions to look for a sidecar hoping he'd find you and Mick. But he said - there are a lot of sidecars here, and LOTS of people. ;-)
He got back home last night - such a whirlwind trip.
I stayed home to be chauffeur to Blossom, getting her to and from work.
Maybe next year...

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

Lovely picks Janice. (Im a bit slow at catching up with blogs)..Looks like you are very snug in your sidecar....But can you stitch in it?....I do most of my stitching in the car! Xx