Saturday 1 September 2012

It’s Spring, Squishy Mail and a Finish

Yes, winter is finally over.  Spring has sprung……

August 2012 010

Doesn’t it just look so warm.

August 2012 012

OK!  Who am I kidding?  It was minus 6.5 degrees C and the biggest frost.  The second coldest morning this year and the frost was accentuated by the fact that we had a shower of rain yesterday evening.

However, it is now a glorious blue day and should get up to about 14 degrees.


Yesterday when I arrived home from doing the groceries after work (don’t I have just the most riveting social life on a Friday night), there was a squishy parcel waiting for me.

August 2012 004

I was strong and waited till after all the groceries were away and we’d had tea before opening it.

Inside were these lovelies.

August 2012 007

You see, Lea and her hubby have just returned from participating in ***AND WINNING*** the bash for the Starlight Foundation.  Before she went she had a little guessing competition to see how many sewing notions were in a jar.  There were 152 and I guessed 153.  This is the prize.  Just lovely.  The zippy pouch will be very useful for small projects and the colours are divine. Thanks Lea.


Also, yesterday it dawned on me that it was the end of the month and once again I had no finish to share.  Can’t have that, so whipped up another bib for the gift stash.

August 2012 009

I feel a bit of a fraud for OPAM by just doing a little something, but I’m determined to have no months without a finish of some description.


I’m off to my little stitching group this afternoon, so will get some more done on the “Stitching” block of SKOW.  On the down hill run now.


Ali Honey said...

Oh golly...that sort of frost would kill everything here. What altitude are you?
Cute bib. I have forgotten what OPAM stands for...I know is something about finishing things on time.
Glad you got blue sky; so did we.

Maria said...

BRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Hmmm a lovely start to Spring. Pleased you have blue skys now.

I love your OPAM cute bib.

Nice pouch for a little hand sewing on your trips away.

Susan said...

I feel your pain - it was -3 here today. Spring will come........I hope. That's a lovely prize from Lea. Hope you had a good afternoon sewing.

loulee said...

Shiverrrrrrrrr! I know I grumble that we don't get very warm up here, but I sure am glad we don't get that cold!!

Deb R said...

Brrr was that cold here too....I had a few guesses on Leas blog as well, congrats...lovely pressies!!

Chookyblue...... said...

yes it was awfully cold........
can you show me how to do the bibs on the weekend........

Anonymous said...

Brrrr I hope it's warming up now for you :)) lovely prize from Lea too :))