Monday, 14 November 2011

Back Home Again

Thanks so much for all the well wishes for my Dad.  He is now out of hospital but he and Mum haven’t travelled home as yet.  My aunt and uncle will drive them back later in the week, after Dad has had some more rest.  I drove their car home over the weekend.

Of course I took a few photos while I was away.

The lovely  Bathurst Plains as I headed to Sydney on Tuesday.  They won’t look this green for long.

November 2011 008

As we flew over the Blue Mountains there was lots of low cloud.  You could still see the sandstone cliffs.  They look tiny from the air.

November 2011 018

My uncle lives in a typical small Queensland town.  Nothing flash, but all the basics are there.  However, for anything else it is an hour’s drive to the nearest regional centre.  That is not too bad for such a large state.

November 2011 024

November 2011 023

There were some lovely flowering street trees.

November 2011 028

The gum blossoms were so fragrant.

November 2011 031

As I drove home there was lots of prickly pear in flower.

November 2011 045

November 2011 047

Typical country letterboxes.

November 2011 050

And roads leading off into the scrub.

November 2011 054

Once I reached New South Wales, the harvest was in full swing.  Lots of headers and grain trucks on the road.

November 2011 042

November 2011 055

The silos were all in action.

November 2011 056

A bit different to home, where the crops are still green and harvest quite a way off as yet.

November 2011 057

I drove as far as Coonabarabran on Saturday and went for a bit of a stroll in the evening.  The clock tower looked lovely in the afternoon light.

November 2011 062

Lovely art deco tiles on the old pub.

November 2011 060

I just loved this old shop with its original features. Art deco would have to be my favourite style, with the pressed metal ceiling, gorgeous painted lettering and nickel plated window frames.  They were a feature in so many towns across the country.

November 2011 069

I took a peek through the window.  What a pity it was closed.

November 2011 071

There was another shop from the same era, but the only feature not obliterated was the window frames.  What a pity.  I suppose the architecture doesn’t suit the image the shop owners are looking for. It has been the fate of so many old buildings.

Anyway, on with my walk.  Up a little alley way there was a great feature from the Girl Guides.

November 2011 064

Each panel was made up of terracotta tiles.  They looked like little wall quilts from a distance and the colours suit the side of the building so well.

November 2011 063

I’ll share Sunday’s drive tomorrow.

By the way, I packed a little bit of SSCS stitching to take away, so fortunately, I will still have it ready to post on time.  Phew!


Ali Honey said...

Glad to hear everything is okay and that you are safely back. Love the mail boxes!

Chookyblue...... said...

glad to hear everything is ok.........nice pics from your drive home..........missed you on Saturday.......

loulee said...

Good to know your Dad is mending.
Love those tiles.

Cardygirl said...

Despite not heading off for the best of reasons, you made your trip home a pleasant one. Glad dad is mending & thanks for sharing the pics!

Anonymous said...

So please all is ok with your Dad. Thank goodness :)