Monday, 5 September 2011

Our Olga is Home

The final chapter of our holiday is now closed as Olga the old girl is back home. 

She’s actually been home since Friday a week ago.  The shipment of bikes ended up being a few days later back to Australia than anticipated, but all bikes passed the quarantine inspection with flying colours, which meant that there were no extra delays with collecting them.

MH Husqvarna 009

If you recall, after being washed a little too vigorously at Felixstowe, Olga had to be towed to the shipping depot.  Mick had hoped that once she had fully dried out that she would start.  Unfortunately, this didn’t eventuate, so there has been much tinkering happening in the shed.  Finally it has been established that the electrical coil had failed.  This is a new part that Mick had put on, so it is disappointing that it gave up the ghost so soon.  Not to worry, a new one is on order and she should be up and running again this week.

MH Husqvarna 010

When we sent Olga home, we filled her with all the bike gear and winter woollies and other bits and pieces that we wouldn’t need for the rest of the trip.  We also packed a few other goodies.  It was fun unpacking.  I’d forgotten some of the bits and pieces we had collected along the way. I’ll share a few over the next few days.


Melody said...

I'm not normally interested in bikes but Olga is adorable.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Shame about the coil, but good it is something that can be replaced. Have you been riding since you came home? If so, on what?

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see Olga is home safe n sound :)