Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Promise of Spring

I love seeing everything start to awaken after the depths of winter.

It’s amazing the difference after a few warm days.

This morning there was a pea souper fog and the new growth in the orchard sparkled.

The quince with its lovely furry leaves.

August 2011 016

The apricot just starting to blossom.

August 2011 028

A lovely spiders web with reflections in the dew drops.

August 2011 024

It is also wonderful to be getting home from work with a little bit of daylight left.

August 2011 015

I have a new toy.  My old camera nearly wore out while on our trip, so I have a new camera.  Another point and shoot, but it has a wonderful zoom and plenty of great features.  Best of all, it is small enough to live in my handbag all the time.


loulee said...

Didn't you miss the worst of your winter this year?
It is lovely to see spring arriving though.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos on your new camera Janice.