Sunday, 6 March 2011

Look What I Found

This may not look like much, but I found it rather exciting.

March 10 001

You see, when we bought our block of dirt back in 1994, a work mate of Mick’s gave us a heap of little tree seedlings, all different varieties.  He apparently just enjoyed propagating them.  Initially, we had them in pots in our back yard in town, and then when we finally moved out here into our shed and had a water supply, we planted them in rows at the end of the shed.

Most were eventually planted around the yard, but a few stayed where they were initially planted.  This oak tree was one of them.  It never did a great deal, as most of its life it has been in drought, but this year it thrived.

March 10 003

This is the first time that it has produced acorns.  It would be fun to plant one and try to grow the next generation.


Maria said...

Oh Janice how good is that. An Oak tree with an acorn. As we live on 5 acres I understand your joy in putting in tiny trees and watching them grow.

loulee said...

One of the millenium projects for the schools here on the island was to plant an oak wood. All of the children on the island were given an acorn to grow. Jonathans was huge! Go on, plant it and see what happens.

Cardygirl said...

How wonderful! A little acorn from your mighty oak!

Linda said...

How wonderful...we have oak trees down the road and the birds drop the acorns which sprout up all the time...I potted one and it has grown quite large...I gave it to a neightbor in a pot for her yard.

Sandi Butler said...

Yes, plant it out and see if it grows - the start of a forest perhaps?

Bec said...

OMG an oak tree, how cool is that! We are looking into planting a small grove of them on our place somewhere.