Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday Treasures - Grandma

I can’t believe it is Tuesday Treasure time again already.

This week I’ll show you some bits and bobs from Grandma.

My Grandma Mabel is pictured here on the left with her sister  Maud. They grew up in the Lakes District in northern England.  Their brother and my Grandfather were best mates and came out to Australia.  They both settled and then Grandma, Maud and their parents came out.  They settled near Gayndah in Queensland, whereas Granddad settled at Hartley Vale in New South Wales.

Grandma and Maud had a double wedding and then both had their first child on the same day a bit over a year later, which also happened to be Grandma’s birthday.

Grandma & Aunty Maud

Enough family history, onto the sewing.  This is actually Mum’s treasure, but I wanted to share.  This doyley is Grandma’s first ever crochet.  When I was learning to crochet using 8-ply wool it always amazed me that this had been created by a very young child.

August 2010 007

Look how fine the crochet thread is and then the lovely feather stitch on the centre.  The only  hint that this is a small child’s work is the wonky circle.  Despite that it received much use over the years.

August 2010 008

Grandma was 16 when they immigrated in 1913. This little box accompanied her.  It is from their local jewellers shop in England.

August 2010 013

This lives in it.  Although I have a little thimble collection, this is Mum’s treasure.  The maker’s mark is “JS” which is James Swann of Birmingham.

August 2010 018

I don’t think the silver thimble was  used regularly. This steel and brass one was her everyday thimble.  It is so lovely and shiny as it is now Mum’s everyday thimble.  As Mum has got older, her finger has outgrown her usual thimble.  Grandma’s thimble fits me perfectly too.

August 2010 022

My treasures from Grandma that are sewing related are surprisingly few as most are over at Mum’s, but I do have her knitting needles in their lovely old art deco bakelite case.

August 2010 040

For our wedding present my Uncle Chris gave us Grandma’s kitchen dresser.  Grandma’s home was a very basic weatherboard cottage that grew as required and was definitely nothing flash.  I can’t remember it and Mum says that is a good thing.  Grandma had her wish of a new home come true a few years before she died and Uncle Chris still lives there.  The old dresser was relegated to a shed once the new kitchen was installed and I always loved it.  This is the original paint job, carried out by Grandma in the 30s. Even when the fashion was to strip everything back I just loved the cream with the green highlights. (By the way, I don’t collect jugs.)

August 2010 032 

How is the dresser related to sewing.  Well, with the dresser I received the two runners made especially for it by Grandma.  They are very fragile, but I still use them.  Mum also made me one as well.

August 2010 030

They have very simple embroidery which I wouldn’t be surprised if Grandma drew up herself. 

August 2010 034

The colours on this one are so very 30s.

August 2010 036

And that’s it for this week.

You can find other treasures over at Clare’s.

You may notice a distinct lack of sewing on my behalf. I have done a tiny bit of hand stitching, but have nothing to show, which is very sad.  I’ll have to get a wriggle on.


clare's craftroom said...

Wow Janice what a full post of lovely treasures and lovely stories , love the names Maud and Mabel ! Thankyou so much for sharing these beautiful things .

marina said...

What treasures!
Our family treasures tie us to their owners.
Love your green glass collection too.

Jewells said...

Just love going down memory lane!...cheers...Jewells

Melody said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful treasures and memories. My extended family are all overseas and I grew up not knowing them except by letters back and forth. Thank you for sharing your family with us

Liz said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your treasures. Beautiful.!!! I love your green glassware.

Sheila said...

I really enjoyed reading your post with so many wonderful treasures , thanks so much for sharing all these amazing things . I Love the photo of your grandmother and her sister , just beautiful.

Robyn said...

Your posts are always so intresting Janice and actually remind me so much of my own growing up and my Grandparents too.
Another fantastic read. Thanks! :-)

Bec said...

OMGosh your dresser and green glass....so beautiful - where can I get some!
A lovely read. Hope you are keeping well.

Margaret said...

Treasures galore and it is so nice to be able to use things that were grandmas.

Diane Dean White said...

Your treasures are wonderful, and the green depression glass is quite nice, considering
you have so many pieces of it. I too enjoy
thimbles and have a collection, which started
after I found a gift from my own grandmother in
a unique way. Perhaps you've heard my story, it's called GRANDMA'S THIMBLE. I'd be glad to share it with you. Blessings, Diane Dean White