Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Weekend With Olga

We’re not very good at staying home. 

We spent this weekend out on the bike again.  This time we took “Olga” the old girl. The reason for this outing was that the Mid State Tourers were hosting a Dice Roll Run. 


It started at Parkes, wound its way to Canowindra, Cowra, Goolagong and finally Grenfell.  This meant another early, icy start on Saturday.  Five bikes from Bathurst attended.  As you can see, I was was well and truly rugged up.  It was suggested I should have a hot water bottle or two in the sidecar, not such a bad idea.

The country was quite different from last weekend.  This week we were in the Central West Slopes and Plains with wide expanses and distant hills.


There were just over 100 bikes on the run, with everyone overtaking us.  We were by far the slowest bike on the run (we poke along at about 80kph). This is backwards over the top of the helmet cam!


Once again the autumn colours were spectacular and the weather glorious.


A big line of bikes always looks spectacular in front of an old pub.


Mick was quite chuffed to receive the award for the oldest bike on the run.


And it was good to see Fiona and James with a group of riders from Dubbo on the run. It was great to catch up with them.


We finished up at the Railway Hotel in Grenfell in the late afternoon. 


I love this shot Mick took of our bike from the balcony.


On Saturday afternoon, us girls went for a walk up the street. We just looked in windows and didn’t expect anything to be open, but  we found a shop open.  What a gem! A little something came home with me.  I’ll show you tomorrow.

A lot of us stayed overnight at the pub, enjoying a delicious dinner and breakfast.  A great value pub to stay at.


Today we had a very leisurely trip home via Greenthorpe, Koorawatha, Cowra and Canowindra.  Once again it was great riding on quite roads through the wide open countryside.


We spotted this bus in Cowra, what a beauty.


I didn’t expect to spend any money this weekend, but just as well we have the sidecar.  In tiny Koorawatha there were two garage sales.  I found this lovely old cake tin.  I love the old Willow ware.


There was also a large selection of old paper patterns.  I thought these kids patterns were really cute.  I can just imagine the simple little dresses in vintage sheet fabric. It’s a pity I have no tiny tots to sew for. The bottom two patterns are a stitchery cushion and candelwicking iron on transfers.  I couldn’t leave them there.

2010_0516GrenfellJaniceMay100050 I forgot to take a photo of some old bias binding that I also found there.  It is a lovely soft 30’s green.

You will find more flea market finds over here.

Just lately I seem to be spending more time with motorcycles than craft, but we don’t have any more trips planned for a little while, so I might get something done.


CurlyPops said...

I can never resist vintage patterns either although I hardly ever use them! The ones you found are super cute.

marian said...

i LOVE willow..i've got a cake tin just like yours! love your patterns too :)

Collecting Feathers said...

Thank you so much for leaving your best wishes about my market...I am just getting enopugh energy to look at the computer today!
I love the tin and the patterns...I too collect them but never use them. More stuff to take with me to the afterlife!
I was looking at your profile again and was so impressed by your simple "We enjoy life" That concept is so elusive to me! Good on you. I love your little bike adventures xxNick

Anonymous said...

What great pics you took too Janice. Was so nice to catch up again.... Look forward to another trip when it warms up a bit.