Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Progression of Life

Remember when we were all going to 21st birthday parties, then engagements, weddings, baby gifts, 30ths, 40ths……well for us it now is a series of 50ths.

Last night one of our mates celebrated this milestone.  It was a fantastic party out at his place.  There were little kids, teens, all of us mid years ones, right up to some oldies.  Everyone had a ball.  You can’t go wrong with a barbecue followed by a bonfire.

We camped overnight and took our new camper trailer out behind the car.  It goes well and doesn’t look too small and silly.


Everyone settled in around the fire.  I took out some sparklers and the little ones had great fun with them.


I can just sit for ages looking right into the fire, finding different creatures and faces. It was the perfect night for a fire, no wind, not too cold and nice and starry (which was great after the weather forecast of rain).


It was a very late night, but we were all up again relatively early to tuck into bacon and eggs around the remains of the fire.


What a stunning view. Oh, how I wished I had a camp oven of stew to put on those lovely coals.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend Janice..

Sandi Butler said...

Looked like a great party, Janice. And the new camper came in handy.
Hubby built a firepit here out the front - great for small bonfires and campoven dinners. We often have neighbors and friends over.

clare's craftroom said...

You can't beat it can you ! Sounds like you had a great time .

Collecting Feathers said...

Yes, 50 is a bit daunting isn't it? For some reason my husband decided that he was going to age before his time, so from 45, he dedided to tell everyone he was 50. Somehow, I think he is spending 5 years to get used to the idea. I'm not going there. xxNick

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I was thinking I'd love to throw in some foil wrapped spuds and a damper...yummy!!