2018 Finishes

Friday, 26 January 2018

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

We always like to do something on Australia Day and, as you can surmise from the photo, we are by the sea this year. Rather unusual for us. 

We left home this morning and travelled through the lovely Bylong Valley. It was all rather smoky as there are heaps of bushfires in the area due to lightning strikes over the last few days. Not nearly as photogenic as normal.

We had no real plans for the day, other than to get to Newcastle. So, when we noticed a sign to Morpeth when we were in Maitland, and it was only five kms out of our way, we made that our lunch destination.  We haven’t visited the historic river port in over 20 years, so we’re about due to pop in again. 

We stuck our head in this interesting antique shop with me announcing that we shouldn’t, as WE DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANY MORE ANTIQUES!!  Can you see where this is going?

Well.......It was one of the very best antique shops we have been in. So many interesting things, well displayed and well grouped. I could have spent ages wandering around. Mick and I went our separate ways (in other words he looks a lot quicker than I do) and when we regrouped he asked if I had seen a certain item.  No, I hadn’t. He showed me........I oohed and aahed, even more than I had with other things.....and needless to say it is wrapped up in the car. I’ll share when we get home. That is twice he has found things that I covet and that I have missed. He’s a keeper.....and he informs me that he is a better shopper for things we don’t need. I’ll believe him. Whatever...

This little, OK not so little, Chappy was sitting at the back door of the antique shop and was fed by the owner. We saw a couple more in the area too. I suppose it comes with living by the river. 

The bridge over the Hunter River was a lovely old one. Yes, we did have a nice lunch too. 

Once we reached Newcastle we noticed lots of activity on the harbour foreshore. It turned out there are boat races this weekend. 

We watched for a little while. They were rather spectacular.   It was lovely by the water. We will probably go back again tomorrow and do some more exploring. 

Meanwhile it was time to find our accommodation. We are staying at an Air BNB for the first time. It is in a loft over a garage and ideal. We are about five minutes, if that, from the beach, with a pub just around the corner and the venue for the party tomorrow evening is about 100 metres away. It couldn’t be better. 

So, dinner at the pub it was. Very nice indeed. 

Followed by a walk along the coastline. It had been hot and humid during the day. We aren’t used to humidity. However, there was a lovely cool ocean breeze this evening. Very pleasant. We may go for another walk in the morning before it gets hot again. 


  1. Happy Australia day Janice and Mick and boy what pretty sights you have seen i love the last pic,how wonderful to spend the evening looking out over the ocean xx

  2. There is, in my opinion, nothing better than an unstructured road trip! Getting off the planned way is always fun!

  3. A great day out...... Enjoy your trip.....

  4. Looks like the start of a great weekend escape.

  5. Sounds like the perfect day especially for that Antique Shop....mmm, wonder what Mick bought!

  6. you two really know how to gave the best time....xxxx

  7. Its always those days when you follow your heart not the plan that the best things happen.

  8. looks a great day out...