2018 Finishes

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Finished UFO and Making Progress on Another

As my blue and white quilt had been sent off to my quilting fairy it was time to select another UFO.

Back in September 2016 I started this project at the Bathurst Blog Meet.  You can read about it here. It is to be a trivet.  At the time I completed it up to the point where I had to cut it to shape and bind it.  That's where it came to a screaming halt because I had been given the pattern booklet and the paper piecing papers, but I didn't have the large hexy pattern.  It required thinking and I obviously didn't want to think.

So now I got my act together and made my pattern.  It didn't take much.....

Cut it out and bound it.

Ta Da!  It didn't take much. 

It's so nice to have another thing finished and off the sewing table.

Meanwhile, my quilt has come back home.  I've sewn the binding on by machine and trimmed back the excess fabric.  Now just for the hand stitching.  Like the last quilt I finished, this one if relatively BIG, so will take just a little while to finish.  I'm not sure if it will be finished this month as we have quite a bit on in the next week or so.

I've decided this time that I will have several needles in my new teensy pincushion threaded, ready to go, rather than having to stop and start each time my needle is finished.  Maybe I'll try to stitch the four needles full each day?  Nah, probably won't happen, but we can try.

You will also see my glasses.  They are new.  I've worn multifocal glasses for many years and I'm a big fan.   However, when I was stitching my last quilt I was having a bit of trouble finding the "sweet spot", so for long stitching sessions I will try some dedicated reading glasses.  I did try them when I was doing the binding of the trivet, but I was sitting in front of the cricket, so my everyday glasses were much better. We'll see how we go with just concentrating on stitching.


  1. Love the trivet! It's funny how long it takes us to do the simple things.
    I had prescription glasses made for the length at the end of my arms-just right for the computer, the piano and the machine. It made such a huge difference-so much easier than tilting you head way up to use the bifocal part! Since cataract surgery I have little readers all over the house!

  2. Good morning Janice wow,love your little table topper its so cute and the colours are gorgeous,well done my friend on your beautiful finish and how exciting you only have the binding to do on your quilt xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing the blue one finished.
    It's wonderful to have that finished feeling. Mind you it's been a while in this house.

  4. the trivet is great and very good hexagonal shape you made.... gotta love a quick finish.

    Happy binding... a little a day will get the job done but it's still quite hot isn't it for a big quilt on a lap.


  5. Your Trivet is lovely and a nice finish..
    Yes it is a bit hot for having a big quilt over your lap while hand sewing the binding . Maybe a little at a time is a god idea..
    One of our Patch ladies threads a dozen or so needles onto the cotton reel and just cuts the required length until all needles were used... Clever ...

  6. The trivet looks good....... Glad the binding is on.... I have a couple to attach to sew down........good luck with the glasses..... I have several pairs for stitching depends on what I am doing as to which ones I use........

  7. I love the trivet. You have got a go on with UFO's too ,well done

  8. The trivet turned out beautifully. Happy slow stitching this week. It's so restful to have a binding to stitch for a bit.